About Me

I worked in corporate for over 28 years as a veteran Supply Chain Professional in the Hi-Tech and Industrial sector. I was good at it but did not love my job. I thought that moving from one company to another one would make me happy. Not so. I chose to leave that career and do something I love. I’m called the “DreamMaker” and am a Business, Life and Accountability coach since 2014. I love seeing my clients transform into who they want to become. Coaching is my passion, my dream and, it is my calling. My original goal was to help 10,000 individuals with their dreams. However, as I started my new career, it was an easy target. My objective is now 1,000,000 lives. My training and certification were through the Fearless Living Institute, owned by Rhonda Britten.

In 2016, I took a personality test that helped add a piece to my puzzle of purpose. My top 5 traits is a gift from the universe that I use to help you. 1) Learner – I have a great desire to learn and want to improve continuously. I pay close attention to what is going on around you. My curiosity of you excites me. I listen. I ask simple, yet deep questions. The more you reflect on what you know, the more problems begin to reveal themselves, and eventually, solutions start taking shape in my mind. Finally, given the situation, I help you select the best plan from your list of options. 2) Achiever – I have a great deal of stamina and work hard. I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. I set very high intentions for myself. I am not content unless I deliver the best performance or produce the most outstanding results for you. I work harder and longer than most people are capable of doing. I am so determined to continue working until your outcomes become recognized. 3) Futuristic – The future inspires me, and I inspire others. My ability to think about your future creates a desire to make you the very best. My strengths channel my energy toward what you can accomplish in the coming months, years, or decades. 4) Ideation – I am fascinated by ideas. I experience satisfaction when I analyze, assess, examine you. Driven by my talents, I use much mental energy to help coach you to innovative ways of doing things. I regard myself as logical and reasonable. I tune into you and figure out what makes you tick. 5) Activator – I can make things happen by turning your thoughts into action. I help you feel enthusiastic about life. I direct your attention to what is good, beautiful, delightful, right or possible. I naturally gravitate you to situations where you can be your true self. I empower you. My presence reassures you that you’re ready and capable of tackling assignments, spearheading projects, or playing key positions on a team. I easily stir your enthusiasm with my cheerful exuberance for life.

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