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March 6, 2016

THANK YOU for ALL THE WORK, TIME, PATIENCE, and GUIDANCE you have provided. The change in my thought patterns and behavior have been so heavily impacted in the most positive way. I look forward to future sessions as well.

Coaching with Daniel is a fun experience. I looked forward to the encouraging calls and insights he provided each week. He desires to see his clients understand the material and discover their true passions and desires for themselves. He patiently coached me through emotional and physical risks that seemed far out of reach before starting the program. I highly recommend coaching with Daniel Fung. He will undoubtedly coach you towards your true inner passions. 

I was one person following two career paths. I was afraid to let go of the safe route and follow the mysterious unknown passionate one, but I understand that fear tactically holds us back from the unknown, where our soul desires to wander. I specifically feel like I am moving in the direction of freedom with my career, but also with the relationships I am rebuilding with my family, which my huge emotional risk since starting coaching.

Thank you for the investment you have made into my life and seeing me grow. You are a tremendous coach and it was wonderful working with you!!

I had specific concerns about being coached by a male, but there was never any discomfort in sharing personal information with you. I was afraid that I would be coached or pushed or persuaded in a direction that wasn’t where I wanted to go, but coaching is all about what my willingness is to do what I’m saying I want to do.  – Stephanie